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  • Jill Godbout

Twin Miracles

Sometimes, miracles come in pairs...they were hoped for, prayed for, and their arrival was spectacular joy for their parents, and entire family. They spent some time growing in the NICU, so their homecoming was a day of gratitude and excitement. I was so excited to see the little ones! They were peanuts, and it was such a joy to hold little ones- I don’t think anyone doesn't enjoy the wonder of a new life. I was treated to multiple opportunities to hold each of the children, and it was awesome! Mom had multiple outfits, including the most adorable crocheted firefighter outfits, since their Dad is a firefighter. Even better was their first baby, a pitbull named Tank, photo ready, with smiles and poses. We were all laughing at how much he loved taking pictures! Enjoy, as they're only little so long...