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C Family

It’s amazing how life works out sometimes.  While doing Christmas mini sessions, I had a break, and noticed this lovely family trying to take their own photos.  I walked up to them, and asked if they’d like me to help

R Family

The sweetest trio of boys!  I loved watching them all see and interact with the animals- some loved it, some refused to pet them.  One of the things I love most about the farm is the the amount of space

D & M Wedding

As is the case with most 2020 weddings, this was a small, but meaningful wedding, with their favorite people present.  At a beautiful church, the couple blended their families, with a meaningful ceremony.  All 6 of their children were present,

B Family

I love Marsh Creek- a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic, go boating or kayaking, and wade in the water a bit.  We enjoyed a lovely morning, without it being too crowded.  The kids had a bit of their own

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