When I meet clients, either in person, or via social media or email, I am asked about how I prepare for weddings. Sure, there’s the requested photos list (the traditional posed family and friend photos), and the timeline, but I like to go to weddings, and see where the location takes me, in terms of photos I’ll capture. Essentially, I don’t have specific expectations, and love to see what catches my eye. I absolutely listen to clients, to do the best we can to capture photos they have their hearts set on, but I love to have inspiration strike me in the moment- the way the light hits a spot, the details of architecture, how colors compliment the couple. I love that, while every wedding involves processions, first kisses, and other traditional elements, there are oportunities for for unique photos and memories., as well as time to connect with the couple, and learn about them. I love that no two weddings are the same!