I absolutely love that every one of the weddings I’ve done is so unique. Different locations, different unique elements, but all have the best people. Shannon & Rick are some of the best people I’ve ever met- so genuine and caring, and surround themselves with wonderful friends and family members. They got married at her Aunt’s horse farm- how cool is that?! It was gorgeous- plentiful open space, barns, silos, and an old, rustic farmhouse- like out of a movie. I probably could have stayed for a week, and still not have seen everything there.
The threat of rain loomed, as we got closer to the ceremony time. However, the ceremony was gorgeous, and the rain held off, until everyone was safely under the cover of the tent. It was truly a family event, as a number of family members made food, and helped get the house ready for the wedding. Once the reception started, people were ready to PARTY, and party they did! The dance floor was packed all night, with people enjoying the fantastic play list of music.