…and she’s here! I met with the C Family about a month prior, while they were expecting their second daughter, and I was so excited to meet their new arrival! I absolutely love the newborns, so sweet and lovely, and one of the best things in life. The first few months can be rough, with sleep deprivation, and trying to make sure the baby is eating properly, and all things that go along with the new stage, but it’s also a time of marveling at the wonder of the human you get to raise. Parents sometimes apologize for fussy babies, or babies who don’t want to take photos they want, and I always remind them not to apologize- as a parent of 4, I completely understand how unpredictable it is, and that I am there to capture the sweetness, of which there is always an abundance.
I’m pretty sure Miss E must be sleeping well, because Mom and Dad didn’t look sleep deprived at all- they were so happy to have another lovely child, spoiling her with love and snuggles. Big Sister loves her little sister, although she is quite energetic, so it was a test of reflexes, to ensure she was super gentle with the baby. The girls are less than 2 years apart, so I’m sure they’ll be super close, as they grow.
If I’m really lucky, I get a chance to snuggle the babies- I love the new baby scent, the soft skin, and the countless expressions…it’s all so wonderful.